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its nice. [Jul. 7th, 2009|11:19 pm]
i always feel that being able to witness the union of 2 strangers into friends and evolved into lovers are one of the most beautiful thing to behold.

unexpected stories, incredible tales to tell.
each time i see photos of them, i can always feel happiness and bliss to them. one, my nice senior to call, the other the love of his. (: delightfully pleasing. i wish you two all the best. :D

& being able to witness one of my close friend's wedding, that's more than a joy i could witness and very honored and thankful to be part of the invited guests for their wedding. the 1st in my clique of my poly classmates.

now, i just make very practical plans. things i'm able to take control of and possibly making it happen. realistic and achievable.

so i pace myself for a better tomorrow which will happen cos i believe and will make it happen.

it will, because u believe so and make it happen.

i dont fancy any big big dreams of getting a prince charming, but SERIOUSLY, i gave thought that, if my future other half were to give me a pretty car to drive, i'd be more than happy everyday. i'd thank god for my blessings. (: especially in my favourite car & favourite colour. a teeny weenie wish..

i shall continue weaving dreams to LALA-land.
i really seem to be lacking a lot of SLEEP.

run at triple-quick timing to the bed and to the express to la-la land.

* BYE.
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